We all know how scary it can be to ask your BO$$ for a RAISE : / . So how can you get over this fear and help conquer your career goals? We asked our team for some words of wisdom and this is what they shared…

“When asking your boss for a raise, make a case for yourself, based on facts. Create a list of your accomplishments and additional responsibilities you’ve taken on since starting your role, so you can clearly demonstrate the value you’re adding to the company.” – Helen (Brand Manager)

“Walk into the meeting like a shot of whiskey – neat, strong, and full of purpose! No one needs to know that on the inside you actually wish your mom was there to hold your hand. – Lydia (Lead Designer)

“Do your research and go to the meeting prepared when asking for a raise! Find out what your peers are making in a similar role and utilize credible websites to check salary ranges for your industry.”  – Jen (Social Media Manager)

“Dress for the job (and pay) you want, not the job you have. Rock your best dress and your most kick-ass heels for an added confidence boost!” – Sarah (Assistant Brand Manager)

“Positivity is infectious! If you exude a positive attitude, others around you will feel good.” – Kristina (Senior Marketing & Brand Manager)

“Keep in mind that no task is beneath you! Walk around with a can-do spirit!” – Lizzie (Social Media Manager)

“Don’t be afraid to take things head on and tackle that extra task that is outside of your job description.” – Jas (Community Assistant Manager)

REMEMBER If you’re refused a pay raise it isn’t all doom and gloom. Take the time to sit down with your boss and set a clear list of expectations to achieve before your next progress review.

We want to hear from you. Tell us how you slayed your pay and asked for a huge raise by emailing us at winnersusa@soapandglory.com to share your success story.